Home Care Statistics

2585839OBL4QqMGHome Care for Seniors can be less expensive than living in Assisted Living Facilities According to Genworth’s 2012 Cost of Care survey, the national average hourly rate for home health care is $19 per hour. In contrast, the Genworth study reported that the national average cost of a one-bedroom residence in an assisted living facility is $3,300 per month.

Rates, depending on the level of care start as low as $15.00 per hour and $150.00 for live-in care and can be scheduled around the needs of the individual, which greatly reduces the amount of money spent each month. Most assisted living facilities charge anywhere between three thousand and seven thousand dollars a month depending on their location and what amenities are included.
Keeping Senior’s at home will help retain their sense of independence. The individuals feel they still have control over their surroundings and are less likely to become depressed. When they can remain in their own home, they are more likely to stay active in their community. A stimulated and active senior citizen is less likely to become ill than one who is not.